JLS Trucking

JLS Trucking is our April System of the Month. We were tasked with matching the paint and this is the result!

This unique system was installed at Quick Draw’s Windsor, Ontario branch.


Customer Testimonials

Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems “exceeds expectations”

We have been pulling an aluminum flatbed trailer covered with a Quick Draw Tarpaulin System for approximately three years. The modular design is of premium quality and is very easy to operate. The tensioning mechanism is arguably the best in the industry.

The durability of the Quick Draw Tarpaulin System has exceeded our expectations–withstanding multiple, punishing tests of all sorts of situations. To this day it has a ‘like-new’ condition and has required minimal maintenance. Many systems exceed a life expectancy of 10-years.

Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems offer laser printing capabilities that turn any trailer into an affordable and effective rolling billboard, providing a revenue-generating opportunity with which to capitalize.

When the time came for us to select a supplier for our Breaking11 rig, without hesitation we turned to Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems.

In working with the aerodynamic concept of our tractor/trailer, the staff at Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems thought outside the box and bent over backwards to produce a system that varied in height with a significant arch at the top. The system also opens in the middle, which when mounted to our low-ride trailer provides us with the ability to transport freight with a height of as much as 108”.

The contour of our tractor/trailer, primarily the arched roof of our tarp system, will contribute to our overall fuel savings by .3 to .5 mpg.


Features of the Quick Draw Tarpaulin System include:


  • Modular Construction
  • Track & Wheel Design
  • Front Tensioning
  • High-strength Aerodynamic Headboard
  • Self Sealing – Requires No Bungee Cords Or Cables
  • Rear Brace & Bow Design
  • Diverse Tie Down     Accommodations
  • Serial Numbers
  • Safe – Total Ground Control
  • Fast & Easy
  • Best Warranty




Truckshows & Events

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to say hello last year at the Mid-America Trucking Show . Thank you to Extreme Trailers, LLC Long Haul Trucking, Inc. and Kentucky Exposition Center. See you in 2019!

The Mid-America Trucking Show began in the early 1970's, when a private management group was formed by Paul K. Young, to create the largest and most diversified trucking show in North America. The first show occupied a portion of the West Wing of the original Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.

2016 Mid-America Truck Show Louisville, Kentucky

MATS is the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY. The show attracts 70,000 attendees and 1,000+ exhibitors from throughout the United States and abroad.


2015 Mid-America Truck Show Louisville, Kentucky

Once again Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems & Long Haul Trucking's booth dazzled the crowd with their impressive display of the Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems® Rolling Tarp System. Guests were attracted to the booth from different ends of the world, spanning from Canada and the USA to Chile, and parts of Europe. Everyone who stopped by the booth left assured of Quick Draw's longstanding product and market leadership.


  News Articles & Interviews


Towman Magazine 2015

An add-on product for car carriers, the Quick Draw Tarpaulin System offers companies a chance to expand or enhance its premium-car towing and transport work. The Quick Draw tarps are a quality rolling tarp system for flatbed trucks.

"Rolling it back and forth is a one-man job," said Jim Powers of Elizabeth Truck center in Elizabeth, N.J., a distributor for the product. "it only takes an extra two or three minutes to use."

The track, wheels and framework are a time-tested design that ensures maximum replacement part compatibility and has customers praising a system that can last for over 10 years with minimal maintenance and repair costs, he said.

Add the tarp to a carrier that won't be used primarily for high-end work isn't necessarily a good idea though.

"You want to use it the majority of the time the way it is," Powers said. "You can use as a regular car carrier and that isn't a big deal, but you're adding the motions of sliding the canopy back and forth for no reason. ... The proper way to use it is rolled back and engaged."

Powers said the Quick Draw Tarp System can be added to most car carriers, as certain specifications have to be met.


Charitable Sponsorships

“Proud Sponsors for Plan Canada”

“Did you know that a few dollars can go a long way in third world countries?  It can send a child to school, clothe and feed families and help to grow and sustain communities.  We are so fortunate in North America that it only makes sense to lend a helping hand and give hope to people in countries that have less.  Quick Draw is committed to making a difference in humanitarian efforts and enjoys sponsoring many children from several different countries.  The heartfelt letters from some of the children make it even more worth it to know how much of a difference one can make.  We hope others will be inspired to give generously too!”


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